Dance Shoots in Croatia

Last week I was on a ship cruise in Croatia with some photographers. Here you can see some pictures we took in Split thanx to photographers: Friedl Grohmann , Udo Sengenberger and Mike Groeger

Soho, NYC Streetfashion

Was habt ihr euch so fürs neue Jahr vorgenommen? Ich möchte wieder ein paar Ausstellungen planen.- Hier ein Foto wo wir in Soho, NYC auf Galerietour waren ^^ Fotos: John Josephs Model: Julie Boehm  

Horsetrip Fashion Shooting in Havana , Cuba

Fashion Designer: VeraDesign Photographer: Dmitri Moisseev we shooted so much on the trip in Cuba but there is so less time but many other new projects…. I try to post the photos step by step 😉