New Fashion by VeraDesign

Here coming photos of a new dress collection of VeraDesign by photographer Udo Johannkemper Fashion: VeraDesign Model: Julie Boehm Photographer:  Udo Johannkemper

New Fashion Shootings VeraDesigns

some new photos with a new fab earrings collection by VeraDesign Fashion: VeraDesign Model: Julie Boehm Photographer: Uwe Hahn … more to come!

Bodypainting with Udo Schurr

Each year Dmitri Moisseev , a photographer from Canada visitis me and we shoot together. This time with bodypainting artist: Udo Schurr

New Studio Stretch Photos

Yesterday we did a photoshooting at Wom Photografie in Heilbronn and the photographers already sent me some cool photos: Photographer: Wolfgang Photographer: Axel Maier Photographer Sascha Burger

New Workshop Shootings

Here are some new shots of workshops directed by WOM Photografie Wolfgang Müller, Heilbronn Robert Nowotny Jürgen Untermann: Wolfgang Müller: Directed by Steve Roark: & Jonathan Hornby    

Model for Bad Dürrheimer Release Bottles

Yesterday Pia Wehrle (Magie der Farben) painted 3 model as bottles for the a fashionshow and release of the new etiquettes- We all had huts made by Enrico Lein. So I was “medium” (few sparkles) It was a great Dance Fashion Show….  I had to dance with the guys 😉 so here are some photos: Here…

Modelling for Merz Bodypainting Albert Greis

Here are some makingof pics from my iphone of the last job in Frankfurt for Merz product Belotero for Merz . Bodypainting & Makeup & Styling by Team Albert Greis, Logo & Effects by Enrico Lein, Flower & Orange painting by Silke Kirchhof