Neue Tanzshootings

und hier noch ein paar neue Tanz Shootings Fotografen:  Peter Seufert ( und Udo Johannkemper Locations: München und Stuttgart

Neue Stretch Shootings 

Hier ein paar letzte Tanzshootings Fotograf: Kay Ma // Digital Finearts Location: Stuttgart Here are some last dance shootings I did with different photographers

Black Bodypainting Shooting

Here are the first pics of last saturdays shooting, 12.11.2016 Bodypainting, Styling, Model, Photoedit: Julie Boehm Photographer: Guenther V. Berber

New Studio Stretch Photos

Yesterday we did a photoshooting at Wom Photografie in Heilbronn and the photographers already sent me some cool photos: Photographer: Wolfgang Photographer: Axel Maier Photographer Sascha Burger

New Workshop Shootings

Here are some new shots of workshops directed by WOM Photografie Wolfgang Müller, Heilbronn Robert Nowotny Jürgen Untermann: Wolfgang Müller: Directed by Steve Roark: & Jonathan Hornby    

Light Experiment with Epicscapes

light painting experiment with dancing Julie ( Julie Boehm ART) featuring a new music track  combined beatbox and synthesizers. Artwork by Marc Zimmermann Epicscapes

Commercial for JAB Anstoetz

In 2014 my idea “Camouflage” won the JAB Challenge at the Filmacademy: Production of a new commercial for – So here is it, enjoy watching the story of the girl Mia in an old house at night,  discovering a magic fabric getting alive…. Here are some makingofs photos shot by  Sagaphoto  during the casting day in november 2014. For…