Julies Colourful World (video)

ITFS Trailer 2013 : Film by Marc Zimmermann / Producer: Pablo Almeida
Bella Volen, Birgit Mörtl, Natasha Kudashkina, Einat Dan, ,Fredi Schmidt, Joana Bastos,
Yvonne Zonnenberg & Gareth Hughes, Josephine van Oers & Mel Broom,
Mike Shane, Anabel & John Vargas, Ramona Schlössinger, …

Emanuel van Holsten, Dmitri Moisseev,Bertrand ,Orsal, Matthias Lippstreu

World Bodypaintingfestival, LaDonna, Milano, NYC, Art Fashion Studio,..


One thought on “Julies Colourful World (video)

  1. Fantastic video!!! Brings back so many great memories 🙂 Absolutely love sound track selection and how everything fits together! “You are what you are” and this is what makes you this amazing and unique person; there’s no other Julie like you on this planet 😉

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