Ruegen Shootingtrip 2019

Hier sind einige neue Aufnahmen vom Shootingtrip nach Rügen. Im Norden Deutschlands findet man wilde Kreidestrände und Wälder.

21 Fotos in voller Größe und Makingofs findest du auf meiner PATREON-SEITE 🙂 Viel Spaß! 

model_ Julie Boehm photos_ Frank Zörner.png

Here are some new shots of the shootingtrip to Ruegen. In the north of Germany you can find wild chalk beaches and woods without meeting anybody.

21 full size photos and makingof you will find on my PATREON PAGE 🙂 enjoy!


Colors of the Nature – Series Bodypainting in Nature

Julie Boehm ART-collage fuerteventura

The Earth Has Music For Those Who Listen

I take you on my last bodypainting artventure in Fuerteventura when I painted myself in the colors and texture of the rocky beach.
Bringing my inner harmony back to feeling reconnected to mother earth’s deep breath

On my Patreon Page you will find a selection of this serie in big size as well as location photos and makingof. There is also a video makingof waiting for you.

model photos are taken by Naturfoto_CH
model, bodypainting and retouch and location photos: Julie Boehm

Sailormoon on a ship

Ginger Rogers once said:
“I do everything the man does, only backwards and in high heels!”

  • so: do it backwards, on high heels and enjoy your freedom of being a superwoman dressed up as Sailormoon 🙂

somekind I felt like this on the last shootingtrip to Croatia. The dress was a bit too small for me. But having this problem all the time I don’t care much about it anymore ^^

Model, Styling: Julie Boehm
Photographer & Outfit: Peter Schrawen

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some impressions and makingofs:

Dance Shooting in Beelitz with Bellas Traum

Here are some first pictures of the great day with photographer Bellas Traum Fotografie at the lost place of Beelitz Heilstätten .

Makeup and Hair by Jana Roland
Dresses: Katharina Hakaj Couture 

it was organized by ShootingDay Deutschland 
including some photos of MSE Bremen and Foto und Traum

SHEIN -Your Online Fashion Dress

Dance Shoots in Croatia

Last week I was on a ship cruise in Croatia with some photographers.

Here you can see some pictures we took in Split

thanx to photographers: Friedl Grohmann , Udo Sengenberger and Mike Groeger

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Lost place monastery Fuerteventura

Somwhere in Fuerteventura
A monastery that was never finished building it up. So they left it as #nonfinito and it is so beautiful that.
In Fuerteventura it is really strange, you don’t see tourists in the beautiful places as they are staying in their hotels 🌼
So you can go on artventures there without meeting anybody

Photographer: Naturphoto_CH
Model: @julieboehm_official


Butterfly ruin shooting Fuerteventura

Some more photos of the dance shootings in Fuerteventura. I am so proud of my right foot  getting more and more flexible. Last year I had an accident and couldn’t dance for more than 7 months as it hurt so much. I had a torn ligament. But now it is fine and feels so great doing all the things I’ve always loved to do!

Noch ein paar Fotos von den Tanzshootings auf Fuerteventura. Ich bin so stolz darauf, dass mein rechter Fuß immer flexibler wird. Letztes Jahr hatte ich einen Unfall mit Bänderriss und konnte nicht länger als 7 Monate belasten, da es so weh tat und angeschwollen war.  Aber jetzt ist es in Ordnung und fühlt sich so gut an, all meine Lieblingsdinge zu tun 😉

Photographer: Naturfoto_CH
Model: Julie Boehm

Dancing on the Rocks Fuerteventura

There are still so many pictures from Fuerteventura Shooting trip. We went shooting twice a day for 3 hours each time. It was quite exhausting with the cold wind and a lot of blessures of climbing in stange shoes 😀

But whatever you do to create your art- go on^^ So I would recommend you to go to Fuerteventura still in spring as in summer it gonna be to hot.

photos: Naturfoto_CH
model: Julie Boehm